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calcio storico

There’s a historic form of football that makes the NFL look like flag football. Calcio Storico is one of the most brutal sports on earth, it’s like football meets Gladiator. Each team consists of 27 players and they don’t have any extra guys around as subs because this sport is only for tough mofos. If you break your leg, just walk it off.

calcio-storico-might-be-the-most-brutal-sport-on-the-planet-31-photos-video-8The game is played (?) in Florence, Italy. “For many, it was simply hard-wired history. This grand city has four historical quarters, each with a church at its center, and calcio storico, which is believed to date to the 15th century, is played by one team from each neighborhood. To play for your neighborhood team — to wear the Verdi (green) of San Giovanni or the Azzurri (blue) of Santa Croce or the Bianchi (white) of Santo Spirito or the Rossi (red) of Santa Maria Novella — is, as Niccolò Innocenti of the Verdi put it, “deeply Florentine.”’

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