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Pre- fight warm up video.  It is short but sweet.


Polish MuayThai/BJJ fighter

Artur is currently a personal trainor for Equinox gym in Boston, MA.  He is no longer in the fight game because of a destroyed knee.  He teaches Muay Thai classes as well as individual training.  His English is heavily accented but his heart and joy of life are big.

2010 Grapplers Quest at UFC Fan Expo – August 27-28, 2010 – Boston, Massachusetts.

Men’s No-Gi Novice Middleweight (170 – 179.9 lbs)
1st Place: Artur Balcewicz (Florian Martial Arts Center)
2nd Place: Jarrett Leech (Combat Sports Boston)
3rd Place: Russell Powers

Saturday, March 10, 2012 New York--Friday Night Fights Muay Thai was back at the Broad Street Ballroom where

Artur Balcewicz def. Ian Hastings via Unanimous Decision

Fourth fight of the night: Artur Balcewicz (1-0) fighting out of Wai Kru Gym in
Boston taking on local boy Ian Hastings (3-0) fighting out of American Top Team
in Franklin Square.

Balcewicz (Artur from now on, can’t type that out every time, sorry Artur) comes
to the ring wear the traditional mongkong and flower wreaths.
Ian Hastings is following the same tradition

Joel Bekker is our official for this one. He gives them their instructions and here is

round 1!
9:19:55 pm –
Artur has exceptional boxing as we learned the last time he fought here. Ian is a
very strong and well-rounded fighter. This should be an amazing fight
9:21:51 pm –
Artur controlling the clinch early and landing skip knees
Artur walked into a punch but is coming on strong with knees from the outside
9:21:58 pm –
Artur pushing in, but Ian lands several heavy hands. They wind up in the clinch,
Artur walking Ian into the ropes. Another big hook from Ian as they separate.
9:22:53 pm –
Ian seems to be having trouble in the clinch
9:22:59 pm –
Artur pushing in, Ian rotating away. Ian lands a heavy counter right.. Artur lands a
heavy left hook then moves into the clinch landing several heavy knees.

9:23:44 pm

Ian lands a few punches as the round winds down, then Artur pulls him into the

clinch for a few knees. Close, close round.
9:24:04 pm –
Ian was punching mostly and mixing it up between head and body shots.
Artur ate a few punches in that round, but landed some very hard skipping knees in the
clinch. We’ll see in the next round how much it took out of Ian
9:24:57 pm
Ian corner telling him to stay out of the clinch
9:25:12 pm –
Artur is landing hard leg kicks with no response from Ian
9:25:13 pm –
Artur charges in and get caught by a hard counter. Another heavy left by Hastings
that Artur counters with a Teap. Another Teap by Artur and they’re back in the
clinch with Artur landing knees.
9:25:32 pm –
No bonging from Ian and now Artur is kneeing his Left leg in the clinch
9:25:58 pm –
Ian is switching stances and seems to be tiring, Artur is only getting stronger
9:26:01 pm –
Ian is winning whenever he has distance, Artus is winning whenever they’re in the
clinch. Ian’s corner yelling to get out of the clinch. Lot’s of action in this one!
9:26:16 pm –
 teap from Artur floors Ian
9:26:48 pm –
Big Teap from Artur sends Ian to the canvas hard as the second round ends.
Another close round, but I think Artur took that one with the knockdown.
9:27:17 pm –
Artur definitely pulled ahead in that round.
Ian seems to have no responses for
the kicks, and isn’t being effective in the clinch.
Ian still has dynamite in his
hands, but if his legs don’t hold up, his hands won’t be enough
9:27:31 pm –
I think it is 1 round each
9:27:36 pm –
Third round coming up. Artur landed three great teaps that round, let’s see if he
throws it more now.
9:28:23 pm –
both fighters fall.
Artur got caught by some hard head punches coming out of the
9:28:37 pm –
Ian not out of this fight by a long shot
9:28:51 pm –
a knockdown now could steal this fight
9:28:53 pm –
Ian pressing the pace but Artur pulls back into the clinch. Ian catches a kick and
shoves Artur down. Artur pulls Ian down and Joel Bekker warns both of them.
They’re both throwing very heavy hands- Ian landing more.
9:29:15 pm –
a hard right knee to Ians body wobbles him.
Straight knees in the clinch now
from ARtur
9:29:42 pm –
Big Teap and a huge knee from Artur sends Ian into the corner with a look of
pain on his face. Took the wind out of him for sure. More knees from Artur as
they break. Ian now landing some heavy punches.
9:29:46 pm –
Artur still landing kicks with no response or defense from Ian
9:30:34 pm –
Big finish, both fighters landing heavy hooks. I think Artur might have stolen that
last round with the Teap and follow-up knees in the corner.
9:32:02 pm –
Artur finishes the round moving backwards but landing jabs which come over Ians
low defenses.
I think Artur Balcewicz
took that fight 2-1.
Artur showed a more
well rounded Muay thai game while Ian had solid hands, but didn’t respond
quickly enough to Arturs attacks
9:32:06 pm –
Going to the scorecard- Artur’s corner puts him on their shoulders in victory.
Definitely a close fight, but I think Artur won it two rounds to 1. 1st for Hastings,
2nd and 3rd to Artur because of the teaps and heavy knees.
9:33:16 pm –
30-27, 29-28, 29-28 – Artur Balcewicz! An amazing fight! Ian is an incredible
fighter and I’m sure we’ll see more of him soon. Artur is really something special
being this tough after only two fights. Shocking that he never trained before this.
9:33:47 pm –
Artur comes from Wai Kru gym in Boston and definitely lived up to their
traditional Thai name.
Great job Artur.
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