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We are listing some links for those of you who are mixed martial arts fanatics. We are not endorsing or ranking the links. Some links are for promoters, some for fight news and views and some for ranking fighters.
Let us know which ones you enjoy the most.

In 2000 Jeff Gibson as a successful businessman founded Elite Promotions. Since its inception, Elite Promotions has grown to include promoting boxing events, mixed martial arts events commonly known as “UFC,” self defense seminars, exercise videos, and a highly respected boxing/martial arts gym in Palm Beach Gardens. In 2005 Jeff joined forces with Dan Lambert and his very successful AFC (mixed martial arts) events



“GForce Promotions has a specific goal” according to its founder, president and head promoter Glen Rice, “and that is to be the premiere developmental league for Mixed Martial Arts in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean”. Officially launched in 2006, the company has rapidly become “THE” MMA organization to work with according to fighters, promoters, boxing and athletic commissions.


We’re a small group of hardcore MMA fans, just like yourself, who want to spread the word about up-and-coming talent in the Southeast region (and any other place we can get to see a fight). If you’re a promoter, a gym rep, or just a fan and there’s a fighter you think we should know about, give us a heads up at

7.  Check out the latest article on bringing mma to Africa.

Join KICK USAA, The premier organization devoted to Youth in the martial arts. KICK/USA is the fastest growing and most exciting organization, featuring a complete circuit of tournaments, camps and seminars designed to provide young martial artists with a Safe, Fair and Motivating Environment in which to test their skills.





13. Harlan Taylor head coach.  Located in Stuart


15. http:/

/ link for FFBJJ

16. videos

In addition to websites, there are many, many bloggers in the mixed martial arts world.
We will give you some to check out.

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