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Kids’ Martial Arts Classes

Our children’s program is designed to  create well-rounded athletes in the sport of mixed martial arts. We start with  learning the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, self-defense,boxing, wrestling and kick boxing.  Jiu Jitsu and self-defense strategies are both anti-bullying methods.
Gracie Martial Arts focuses on proper technique rather than power or strength. Power and strength will develop over time as your child works through the warm up activities.
We accept children as young as 5-6yrs old, provided they have the attention span and listening skills to work through a 45 minute session.  Classes are held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday  from 5:30pm-6:15 pm and Saturdays 10:00am-10:50am.


Training in the martial arts  for kids requires listening, following directions, focus, discipline, getting along in a group and with another individual (training partner).  In addition, there are tremendous physical benefits including cardiovascular health, flexibility, muscle strength and coordination.  Psychologically the benefits include improved self esteem, self confidence and body awareness.
We also work on developing their balance, coordination, reflexes, and flexibility to make them better athletes for any sport.  Mentally, we work to enhance their self-esteem and confidence by establishing a work ethic that builds discipline, a skill which carries over to school and life outside of the gym.
All of these benefits are  done in an atmosphere of fun and comaraderie.
Therefore, the teacher is critical.  A good teacher promotes cooperation, respect, self-control and technique.  A good teacher minimizes the risk of injury and promotes skill development through an emphasis on good technique.   A good teacher takes into account each child’s needs and developmental stage.

Call and make an appointment to join us for a free trial lesson.

The gym store has for sale all of the equipment a young martial artist might need.  Boxing gloves, hand wraps, gi pants and Forge logo shirts.  If you don’t see it we can order.

Check out this video of Gracie Martial Arts for kids in action(not filmed at Gracie Vero). Just click on the name Claudio Peteleco below.

Claudio Peteleco on Thursday, December 18, 2014


IMG_0346 copysaturday kids class








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