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Jiu Jitsu and Children

Just read this recent article on Jiu Jitsu Times titled why Your child should train BJJ.

Well written article emphasizes the benefits of jiu jitsu: confidence, discipline, respect, and many other developmental qualities. Reminds us that jiu jitsu does not include striking or raising your fists.  Instead it is about gaining control and dominance over your opponent.

Additionally, a child can measure their progress in the sport through the belt process. The sport isn’t a stagnant set of skills. Rather it is continuous learning.

“BJJ is the most important form of self defense for a child and every child should be training. The problem is so many schools these days don’t teach the core moves needed to defend yourself. One thing I pride myself on is teaching the kids what works first and fun second.” Andrew Calandrelli  Andrew has been my coach when I lived in the Connecticut area.


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